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Please read Terms and Conditions below before registering as a designer

Level 1

album art designs / month:
earn 85%
or $12.75 per sale

Level 2

album art designs / month:
earn 88%
or $13.20 per sale

Level 3

album art designs / month:
earn 90%
or $13.50 per sale

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Terms & Conditions

Quality Control: Although we embrace and encourage a variety of styles and themes, we reserve the right to remove or request changes to any album art design uploaded in order to control aesthetic and functional quality of the designs that we offer. Album art designs must be 3000x3000px with all photographic or other graphics and imagery at high enough resolution as to be crisp and clear when design is viewed at full size.

Editability: All layers must be left separate on Photoshop or Illustrator files so that buyers can edit the source files if desired. If an Illustrator file is used to create design, indicate that in your album art description. Please use only Google fonts and standard computer fonts. Any professional editing (included in purchase) will be done by Podcast Designs’ professional designers. All zip files uploaded must include the source .psd or .ai file at 3000x3000px and a jpg of the same size with all text removed. The design must include at least a title, but it may also include a tagline, website url filler, host names, etc.

Copyright Infringement: By registering and posting album art designs for sale, you are agreeing to only upload designs that use properly licensed graphics, imagery and fonts. Please also attempt to ensure that any filler titles that you use are not already used by existing podcasts. We have a no-tolerance policy for copyright infringement. The account of any designer found to be using copyrighted imagery without proper licensing will be removed and designer will be banned from creating an account in the future.

Rights: You will retain any copyrights to any designs that you post to Podcast Designs. The only rights reserved by Podcast Designs are to display your design on our website for promotional purposes, and on any promotional pieces for print or web. We will not resell your designs in any other venues (online or otherwise). We do not require exclusivity so you may sell your design to other buyers or post your designs for sale on other websites, etc.

Customer Service: We will attempt to answer any questions customers may have about your designs. We request that if any questions must be passed along to you that you answer them within a reasonable amount of time and in a courteous professional manner. We do allow moderated commenting on album art posts. If you do not respond to questions in comments within a reasonable amount of time (24-48 hours), we will attempt to answer their question, or if we cannot, will email you with the customer’s question. If any discourteous, unprofessional, or vulgar (including foul language) comments are found by designers, their accounts will be removed and designer will be banned from creating another profile in the future.

Limits: We do not have an official limit on the number of album art designs that a designer can upload each month, but we do reserve the right to limit that number on an individual basis, whether temporarily or permanently, for any reason. Please use good judgement when creating designs in order to provide a wide range of styles and themes to satisfy a variety of customers.

Payments: Payments will be made weekly via Paypal to the email address you provide at registration. Commission percentages are as follows: 15% for designers who create up to 5 designs/month, 12% for designers who create up to 10 designs/month, and 90% for designers who create over 10 designs/month. Commission rates are adjusted after the last weekly payment of each month. Designs that are removed or have change requests for poor quality will not count toward designs posted.

Custom Album Art: If you are interested in providing custom album art designs to our customers on request, please email us at to be considered for placement in our design team staff.